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The little marble idol in shades of azure stationed in the our respective altars at home, has sometime or the other been a coveted playmate for all of us. The queer peacock feather adorning the head, the mischievous look in

At God’s Doorstep

Haridwar, comprises of two independent words – Hari and Dwar. Haridwar, thus means the gateway to Gods and true to its name, the place indeed is. For a 19 year old who wouldn’t exactly use the word ‘religious’ to describe

Monkey-ing Around!

“I think we should grab some nuts and then go back to the hotel” were probably the last few words my mother could say before a mischievous monkey descended from the skies to disrupt our journey back to our hotel

Route 58: Road to Heaven

“Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.” said the wise Mark twain. Of course I will never be in a mood for Hell, considering I already live in Delhi. But heaven my family thought would be a good

Sair e – Gulfaroshan

In the early hours of the day when the city is still in the warm embrace of their sleep, the florists community of the Mehrauli area in Delhi wakes up to the lavish scents of the innumerable flowers in that