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The French Connection – Pondicherry

The term “conspicuous beauty” is never far behind whenever there is a discussion around Pondicherry. Attracting its admirers through its allure,  Pondicherry or Puducherry is a city, and is part of the municipality of the Pondicherry district in the Indian

Beaches on the Eastern Coast

There is a long list of beaches in India which along with their beauty beg the attention of their unfamiliar admirer. In India the beaches are arbitrarily scattered all around the country and are frequently visited. While the beaches in

Standing Strong

A set up of bricks, cement, iron rods, (sometimes marbles) is referred as an ideal structure and depicts an architectural story. Well this is what you probably get to know if you refer to books to explore about architectural marvels.

With love, truly yours

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, seeing my friends buying expensive gifts for their loved ones made me plan to do something as well. I had been to Pondicherry during my college days and always wished to go back there

When the Sun Smiles Down On You

You give me one reason to hate India, and I will give you a thousand to love it. And one of the major reasons why I love my nation so much is the fact that every section of the country