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Point and Shoot

The firsts in life are always special. I still remember trying to convince my dad to get a digital camera for the family. My sister and I did succeed to convince my dad to get the digital camera then, but

A Priceless Affair

Travel is a luxury many of us may not be able to afford at all times, but a book is a treasure that can avail us that luxury at any given point of time. The Calcutta Book Fair initially held

The Wise Eater

So when one is travelling, what features on the top spot of the various concerns while on the move? Apart from losing out on your train or flight tickets, luggage and sleep, the one that preoccupies your mind without fail


For me, Christmas has always been synonymous with home. The excitement for Santa’s present and the unlimited gormandizing on plum cake defined Christmas in the initial years of childhood. The ‘gormandizing on the plum cake’ element remaining intact, waking up

The Tranquil (re)Treat

Only if you were in heaven would the clouds come to wish you Good morning as soon as you open the windows to your room. Or, if you are too lazy to go to heaven, you could take the 14