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Celebrating Youth. Celebrating Life.

Unlimited madness, laughter, frolic and a burst of talent is what Jadavpur University’s (Kolkata) fest “Sanskriti” stands for. Energy levels’ soaring with every passing day, Sanskriti kicks off during the last few weeks of February and continues till the initial

The Goan Gourmet

Beaches and sea shore have always had a phenomenal appeal to me ever since I was a child. The luscious stretch of sand, the radiant sun beams, the vibrant waves breaking onto the shore , the emollient breeze blanketing the

Delhi – My Top 4 Hubs

Delhi is not particularly a very inexpensive place if you want to hang out and perhaps get a good meal or drinks. Or perhaps I belong to the genre of lesser informed people! But when you are a Delhi University

Round the Clock

For people who firmly believe in the eternal loopiness of time, there is no certain morning as there is no certain night. All the life is one big party and hours are there to be enjoyed regardless of whether the sun shines

Rags to Riches

Have you ever gone for a vacation and wished to spend the entire time in the hotel itself? Have you ever chosen the tranquility of the spa over the long boring tours of the land? Well I guess we all