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Trekking Treat at Phool Chatti

Being a travel addict myself, my college days were mostly stuffed with unplanned trips to routes less traveled. The ironic part about these trips was that they were always organized with almost broke pockets. Keeping our individual economic conditions in

Highway to Hell

Not every travel memory need be a positive one. Most of us have had that one near-death experience where we have seen our ‘lives flash before our eyes’, were certain we wouldn’t make it, believed it without a grain of

It’s all there Inme!

The most awaited trip in the school life of a Pallikoodamite (Pallikoodam is where I did my high school from) is when one reaches ninth grade and is taken on an adventure trip by Inme. As new students who joined

The Case of the Pinching Heat

The pinching heat was the reason I woke up. I was sleeping in Pradeep’s Car all alone and the car was parked in sun light at its peak. The first thing I did was to dial his number and as

At God’s Doorstep

Haridwar, comprises of two independent words – Hari and Dwar. Haridwar, thus means the gateway to Gods and true to its name, the place indeed is. For a 19 year old who wouldn’t exactly use the word ‘religious’ to describe