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Left in the Lurch

I belong to a family whose motto, specifically during long drives is to be as impromptu as it can get. I’ve mentioned our detours to Nainital in a few of my previous posts also, and it wouldn’t be wrong to

Tasting Authentic India

It isn’t long back that my cousins from Sydney came to town for a week, and I was entrusted with the responsibility to give them the real “flavour” of India in just a day. And what better way to do

The Humble Dhaba

Dhabas,the very mention of the name gets me salivating. And the images which I get in my mind, well, an open kitchen mostly in which you can hear the onions sizzling while your sabzi is cooked on one side and

Easy to cook, easy to carry foods

Off for a long trip or a short one? Raining money or are you absolutely bankrupt? Whatsoever may be the situation, I believe one must always consider a budget travel. Why waste money unnecessarily when there is an alternative.


I still remember the long drives from Cochin to Bangalore. Travelling in itself was so much of fun. Packing for a long vacation, piling into the car all sleepy eyed at five in the morning and sleeping off until the