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All Hail the Alphonso!

Hailing from the land of sticky summers, mangoes and sudden showers, my idea of this summer fruit king had been strictly restricted to Himsagar, Laengra and the types that have been available by the banks of Ganga. But last summer,

The Silver Lining In the Bengal Cloud

They say the rains are the most difficult times in the year owing to the erratic nature of this season. I say it becomes fun once you know how and where to travel. In the city of Kolkata, the monsoons

Living on the Edge

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” -Heller Keller For a traveller, nothing rings truer than this. Whether your heart lies on the land, in the sea, or in the stratosphere, life offers some form of adrenaline rush for everyone.

The Wise Eater

So when one is travelling, what features on the top spot of the various concerns while on the move? Apart from losing out on your train or flight tickets, luggage and sleep, the one that preoccupies your mind without fail

Ultimate Checklist

The last time I was on a tour, it didn’t turn out well. I agree it was a one of a kind experience and all (one that I’m sure not to go over again!), but seriously, if you don’t plan