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Best places to visit within 100 kms from Bangalore

Bangalore has a transparent image of a commercialized city which clearly knows how to spent a day off from its hectic work schedule. The city offers a lot of options to look up to for a lazy weekend or a

The beauty of Kotagiri

There is a part of Tamil Nadu which is cool and soothing while the rest of it is warm, cozy and nurturing. There is no doubt that the state with a vibrant atmosphere is one of the hottest tourist destination

The Hill Station of Yelagiri

Like almost every cricketer has a signature shot, every state of our country has a signature attribute. It is this discrete trait that makes a state different from the rest. A similar trait is showcased by the state of Tamil

3 Off Beat destinations in South India

Tourists usually admire such places which serve a distinct quietude in themselves. India, which is believed to be rich in exotic sites witnesses a huge rush of tourists in each of these locations. These destinations surely are high on fame

5 Hidden Gems of India

With a beeline of tourists visiting and adoring its beauty every year, India barely resembles anything that is yet hidden from the outside world. The country is bestowed with a fascinating series of exclusive destinations which can make any one