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Enrique In Town

You can’t possibly imagine the swell of excitement that took over me when I heard that Enrique is coming to Delhi. Of course he had come eight years back. But I was too little to know who he was and

Sand and Songs

The lure of the Great Indian Thar desert has thrilled the intrepid traveler in me. The stretches of Golden sand; an unexplored terrain. Whilst people have their favorites, generally between the likes of mountain, beaches, I fail to categorize myself

A Thousand Splendid Suns

There’s a certain magic in being all by you in a foggy dawn up on the green and violet hills. Why? Because you don’t know what is waiting for you in the bend right after this. I am fortunate because

Highway Haveli

Haveli, as the name suggests is a modern Haveli built about 15 km outside from Ludhiana on the way to Ferozpur. The façade of the building is huge and for the tourists it provides a window to the rustic Punjabi

Point and Shoot

The firsts in life are always special. I still remember trying to convince my dad to get a digital camera for the family. My sister and I did succeed to convince my dad to get the digital camera then, but