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Sand and Songs

The lure of the Great Indian Thar desert has thrilled the intrepid traveler in me. The stretches of Golden sand; an unexplored terrain. Whilst people have their favorites, generally between the likes of mountain, beaches, I fail to categorize myself

Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye

Come to think of it, if a list of the most under-rated sweet destinations in India was made, Allahabad, or Ilaahebad, as the natives call it, should definitely be among the top in it. It was while penning this that

No More Wallet Woes

As students, all of us have at some point of time or the other, faced financial crisis when a long pending trip was being planned, and letting it off was not even one of the options. So the only solution

A Thousand Splendid Suns

There’s a certain magic in being all by you in a foggy dawn up on the green and violet hills. Why? Because you don’t know what is waiting for you in the bend right after this. I am fortunate because

Admist the Ruins

Series of temples built in 14-15 century still standing bold admits the boulder in northern Karnataka is a delightful sight. This small Vijaynagar empire holds a different tranquility for its visitors. If you are archaeologist, or a historian or just the