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20 Helpful Travel Tips

Traveling has always been referred as a refreshing activity which needs to be enjoyed to the fullest. While avid yatris always stay prepared for their next excursions, they also keep themselves up and ready for everything that may come during

Traveling doesn’t always need to be expensive!

Even though college is designed to allow people to gain a good education and eventually land a great job, it can cause a lot of stress for them along the way. Students are constantly worrying about their next big exam,

Get set go!

New Year is just round the corner and if you have still not figured out where to spend your New Year’s eve, here are a few suggestions and travel tips.Now that you are planning your trip last minute, chances are

Wandering Soul

Being in college isn’t always the way it is depicted in movies. You make friends and definitely do crazy stuff with them. If you are lucky, you might even get to go to Goa with them to chill out and

Who’s the Sweetest Of Them All?

Remember the days long long time ago when Dad used to get chocolates and jelly beans and gummy bears after a long or short tour from the States or any other part of the world? Well, not like those days