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Adventure Destinations in India

Twisted terrains, challenging climbs, rising altitudes; these are some of the traits which gladly define an adventure trip. For avid yatries, adventurous activities some time come as complementary with the joy of traveling. There are a bunch of destinations in

Near the Blanket of Clouds

It feels blissful when a simple planned trip gives you a surprising opportunity to visit a place which was never a part of your planned itinerary. For a die-hard traveler, it is nothing less than hitting a jackpot. The best

Best of Both

It really takes a lot of excruciating efforts to pin down a location for a trip that gets the consent of almost everyone (the fellow yatries). And if the family and relatives are involved, things might head to the peak.

Banish the Monotony

Arguably considered as a globally witnessed scenario, it is a well known fact that the city life especially of the working class demands them of their time and dedication. Cooperating with exhaustive commitments has undoubtedly brought up monotony in the

Trekking Treat at Phool Chatti

Being a travel addict myself, my college days were mostly stuffed with unplanned trips to routes less traveled. The ironic part about these trips was that they were always organized with almost broke pockets. Keeping our individual economic conditions in