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The Beautiful Town of Darjeeling

I put on the television to be greeted with nothing but inane chatter about politics and debate about new states. I put on a Bengali news channel to hear the same. They wanted a new state. Gorkhaland. And I was

Reaching Out To Your Roots

One of the best things about being an Indian is that almost all of us have an ancestral village to boast of, to go back to whenever we want. And I don’t want to feel like a sore thumb in

The Sundarban Storm

It so happens more often than we think, that we end up at an exotic place during its worst season. Such an unfortunate turn of events occurred last year when I decided to visit the Sundarbans in the month of

La Dolce Vita

A heated discussion. Cups of warm tea unattended. Raised voices. An audience gathers round with bated breath. What could these middle aged men be discussing with such fervor? Perhaps, atrocities committed in the name of religion, or the inability of

No More Wallet Woes

As students, all of us have at some point of time or the other, faced financial crisis when a long pending trip was being planned, and letting it off was not even one of the options. So the only solution