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The Fort of Panhala

There might have been a strong reason behind attaching a pre-word “maha” along with the name of a legendary place. Well on analysis of its deeper interiors, the state of Maharashtra and its name seems fairly justified. The state is a like a box which is overfilled with interesting sites and places which do need any push for recognition. Among all the interesting sites harbored within the state, the town of Panhala has something unique which makes it stand aside.

From historic glory to breath-taking natural beauty, the town has it all. The impressive persona of this hill station is such that most of the tourists visiting it surely end up extending their vacations. The noticeable altitude of the town gives a better and closer view of the neighboring valley. The features of the town are highly attractive and hence are bound to gather attention.

Panhala is more than just a spot to spend a vacation. The town is an easy escape from the hectic lifestyle of the city and serves as a source of getting fresh air first hand from Mother Nature. The pleasing atmosphere of this region is no less than a remedy for a traveler. The town showcases the nature’s unmatched allure in the best way possible. With a small territory at hand, the town ensures to make its visitors feel fulfilled and contented with its giving. The weather at this hill station seems to be a bonus that comes along with the discrete adorable ambiance of this place. With its appreciable features, the town has almost everything to make your feel relieved and relaxed.

The charm of the town is well embedded in its structures and remarkable sites especially the Panhala Fort. The fort is a proud asset of the town. Structured by a king, this fort beholds a royal exterior of its own. The height and length of the fort can safely be defined by a single word “immense”. The gigantic walls of the fort seem to be capable of wrapping the complete town within itself. The fort is believed to have strong effect on its residents which made them stay here for a longer period. The rich historic past of the fort make it an adorable heritage site. The fort has some attractive traits which makes the tourists come here more than often. Another interesting and must see structure of Panhala is Teen Darwaza. The darwaza though comes attached with the fort; it has a reputation of its own. With three consecutive gates on the fort, the darwaza justifies its root name. The gates are well carved and deserve admiration. There is also a nearby well to the gates which is believed to have an interesting role in case of enemies.

The Botanical Gardens in Panhala also comes under the must see site. A relaxing ambiance dominates this garden apart from the enchanting greenery and serene environment. The exceptional beauty of the garden makes it an ideal for picnicking. The gateway of the fort serves as welcoming hands for the tourists heading towards the gardens. Peshwa Park and Bund Gardens are some of the other picnic options that the tourists can explore. The Sunset point in Panhala is also a refreshing dosage for the visiting tourists. The point offers a stunning view of the falling sun midst the pleasing surroundings. Panhala is a perfect getaway to relax and enjoy some memorable moments.

Travel Assistance

Kolhapur railway station is the nearest railways station to the town. The town is also well connected to the rest of the neighboring cities through local bus services.