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Kumbakonam Degree Coffee

Whenever you are passing through highways, one thing that you would not afford to miss is the roadside dhabas! Be it their masala chai or steaming hot snacks, there is always a craving to have that ‘not-so-hygienic’ stuff for just about whatever it takes. And coffee, any day, is a huge stress reliever especially while you are driving or even if you just need a break after a long drive. And most of the times, what you’ll get on highways is tempting flavoured tea but not COFFEE! Even if you do, it’s rare you’ll get FILTER COFFEE!

But did you know that you can have hot filter coffee on the national and state highways in Tamil Nadu? Well, thanks to the efforts of G Samyraj, you can have piping hot filter coffee if you happen to pass through the Tamil Nadu highways.

The outlets are called Naidu Cafe in as Only Coffee. Informs Samyraj: “The coffee is served for Rs 15. But that’s not all. One can also have delicious vegetarian Bajji bonda at these outlets. Cooked in fresh sunflower oil, they make for a perfect snack with hot coffee. In fact, our specialty is that we use fresh Sunflower oil every time we cook and never use the same oil again.”

“And it’s no ordinary coffee. It’s the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee,” says Prashant. He adds:  “Well I came to Kumbakonam after several years and was frantically looking for that famous Kumbakonam Degree coffee and here I got one which was absolutely superb. My mom, who is a diabetic, was equally delighted and relished the coffee as they have a sugar-free substitute too!”

Samyraj started the first outlet in April 2012 and today, there are twelve outlets in Tamil Nadu. He now plans to standardize flavors across his outlets and is working to set up a unit where the entity can be centrally made.

So, when are you planning to have your cup of coffee!

Contributed by Sakshi Khattar

Hi I am Sakshi Khattar hailing from Delhi. A gourmand at heart besides being a music buff, I love travelling (read holidaying!). Well, professionally, I have been into reporting as well as writing for leading national dailies. I have had a stint with both print and online media covering various beats. So besides shaking hands with celebs across sectors, I have had the privilege to wine and dine with them as well, which I find most exciting about my job. Writing is something that comes to me naturally, which is why, perhaps, I was always asking for extra sheets in my school exams! But jokes apart, I am inquisitive by nature. So be it the person sitting next to me in a metro or a Pizza Hut delivery boy on his way, I would casually start chatting with them. Who knows, where I get my next story idea!