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The Ranzor Palace of Nahan

There are few enchanting destinations in India which may be at the most visible location but still unfortunately get unnoticed. These locations do not get a fair portion of a tourist’s admiration. Such is the tale of the beautiful town in Himachal Pradesh. Mounted on the very top of the Shivalik Hills, the beautiful town of Nahan still gets deprived from a well-deserved admiration. With breath-taking beauty which only a few regions can possess, the town’s trails remain less exposed to common tourist crowd.

The charming town fits perfectly with the surrounding mountains that shelter themselves under the blanket of greenery. With its unexplainable allure, the town welcomes its visitors with warmth and affection. Beautiful river valleys and refreshing weather are few of things that the town promises to offer. The perfect aroma of the town makes it a place to enjoy a long relaxing vacation.

The town has everything for any kind of traveler whether it is for a nature lover or for an adventure addict. The town beholds an interesting tale of its legacy. From decades, the town was considered as a pilgrimage center because of the string of the temples within its territory.  The town practices an amazing weather which makes it an all season favorite spot for travelers. The decent altitude of town gives ample of opportunities to its visitors to easily admire the scenic view of the surroundings. The temples in the region define the simplicity and serenity of this place. The town also has a satisfactory list of interesting sites.

Nahan has been the residential address of kings and queens. The royal attribute of the town can be seen from the Ranzor Palace. The palace has royalty embedded in every single inch of its existence. It is the one of a kind architecture of the palace that it is ranked as the most prominent tourist attraction of the town. The palace and its artistically carved walls are praiseworthy and eye catchy. Another royal possession of the town is the Rani Tal. Rani Tal which originally means Queen’s Lake was a spot meant for the royal family. The exceptional beauty which comes attached with the lake has made it an ideal picnic spot. The green lawns accompanying the lake increase its beauty by many folds. One can also avail the boating facility here. The neighboring Shiva temple is also a noteworthy site to visit. The Suketi Fossil Park of Nahan is an interesting and one of a kind site. Needless to say, the park showcases fossils of various extinct species. Apart from the fossils, the park also displays artificial models of the extinct species.

The natural attribute of the town has served as very useful for the wildlife sanctuaries here. Renuka Wildlife Park which lies close to the town witnesses a huge number of tourists and admirers. Tourists coming to the pass never forget to relish the jungle tours offered here. Simbalbara Wildlife Sanctuary and Jagannath Temple are another must to visit sites near to this place. Nahan offers a deep stack of interesting sites with demanding nothing but admiration.

Travel Assistance

Ambala is the nearest railway station to the town. Bus services also connect the town to the neighboring cities.

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