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Top 3 Caves in India

Beauty seems to be boundless whenever there is a discussion about the striking allure of India. The country which recites the tales of its past in the form of monuments and sculptures, has a few exquisite sites as well which are undoubtedly class-apart. India’s has an exclusive sharp connection with its caves. These underground marvels reliably define the antique historical belongings that India has been nurturing for quite a long time now.

Caves which naturally reside under the ground unlike its other historical peers, have a huge eager tourist population of  their own. The solitude and mystery that surrounds the existence of these caves are actually the major eye turner here. Caves in India are mostly surrounded with outstanding natural beauty and serve as a store house of artifacts and historical carvings. In India underground caves and admirable monument sites share a similar repute.

In India, caves are roughly scattered across its territory and serve as a remarkable sightseeing spots. Here are some of the renowned caves in India who unquestionably deserve a visit.

1. Ajanta & Ellora Caves 

Ajanta & Ellora Caves are the foremost terms that might pop up in your mind whenever there is a debate about caves in India. Ajanta & Ellora Caves are the most familiar and popular caves in India. These caves are a huge hit among historians and attract a lot of tourist attention. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these caves are the proud asset of the state of Maharashtra. Both Ellora and Ajanta which are situated in Aurangabad, have a decent number of caves in their kitty. These caves are believed to have a touch of Jain, Buddhist and Hindu culture.

The existence of Ajanta Caves is highly influenced by Buddhism and is ranked among the most acclaimed Buddhist caves in India. The Ajanta Caves showcases certain adorable paintings which clearly reflect the attributes of Buddhist religion. Paintings of Lord Buddha can also be seen here. The caves which have been carved exactly in the middle of a huge rock is a pure treat for architecture enthusiasts. The Ellora Caves are also bind by the similar attributes as that of the Ajanta caves. The Ellora Caves is a store house of few temples and monasteries. The exceptional artistic influence can be seen in the paintings and carvings of the caves. The sculptures of god and goddesses here are the perfect symbol of artistic excellence. The nearby Kailasanatha Temple is also an admirable site here.

Chatur Tips:

Ajanta & Ellora caves get opened for public visit at 9:00 am in the morning till 5:00 pm in the evening. The caves remain close on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

The cave authorities charge a minimal fee of Rs 5 from its Indian visitors.

While visiting the caves, one can also visit the nearby Elephanta Caves


2. Badami Caves, Karnataka

The Badami Caves are extremely popular among the populace of the state of Karnataka. Apart from being a historical treat, the Badami Caves is somewhat of a holy site with a decent number of temples. While most part of the caves is dedicated to the Hindu deities, the caves also has a Jain temple. Mounted on the hill top , the journey to the caves get initiated with a short climb. The temples of the Badami Caves are an ideal example of the exceptional architecture and exemplary art of the past era.

The temples of the Badami Caves which have been carved out of the hills basically comprise of four caves. The caves of the temples are dedicated to the two hindu lords Shiva and Vishnu. The caves comprise of carvings and rock-cut figures of their dedicated deity. The mesmerizing figures of Lord Shiva, Nandi and lord Vishnu promises to make their visitors stunned by their antique curves. The allure of  temple caves of Badami are undoubtedly a treat for the eye.

Chatur Tips:

Badami Caves also has a time slot for visitors.

A minimal entry fee of Rs 5 is charged for Indian Nationals and Rs 200-250 for foreign visitors.


3. Meghalaya Caves

The caves in the state of Meghalaya do not need any specific term as the state bags a huge stack of the same. The caves within the territory of Meghalaya are quite high in number. The Meghalaya caves are not just a source of attraction but also serve as perfect spots to indulge into adventure activities. The refreshing sight of these caves will surely leave you awe-struck. Some of the most renowned caves reside near Khasi Hills.

Chatur Tips:

There are some of the caves in Meghalaya which may require you to accompany a guide.


The caves in India are backed by a long script of history, exquisite art and beauty. So when you are visiting these underground marvels, be prepared to be enthralled.

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