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Up in the Woods

Every one lives underneath the blending mixture of cement, iron and bricks (pardon the weak details) commonly known as a building and which we call our humble homes. No matter how many new destination one explores, one ultimately ends up under the same old pile of bricks to relax (no intention to make structures that degrading). But if you want to enjoy a pure Eco-accommodation right next to the greens, then a relaxing stay in a tree house should be on your list. Nothing can be more enduring and soothing than a comfortable stay up in the woods.

The best part about the tree houses is that they make you feel as if you are a part of the nature itself. With natural green life dotting its periphery, these woody houses promise the attributes of the nature in the most pure form. Expertly carved using woods, these well structured entities look like naturally made archeological marvels. Our country itself comprises of various spots where one can relish a stay at the woods. These tree house services scattered across the country promise a nature’s way of five star services. Here are some places (states) where one can enjoy living amongst the woods.

Maharashtra: The state has various accommodation services in its kitty which offer tree house facility. Concentrated mostly near the Aamby Valley, the tress houses here are luxurious and spacious. The best part about the wood marvels here is that one can conveniently enjoy the widespread surrounding greenery (all credits to the epic beauty of the Western Ghats). The territory of most of the tree house services here are quite well established which makes it an ideal place for various other desirable entertaining activities.

Kerala (Wayanad): The state of Kerala also has its own share of tree houses. One can avail the tree house services mostly near the Wayanad region of the state. The region itself is well renowned for tree house services among the populace and the visiting tourists. On opting for a tree house here one can relish some relaxing herbal services which promise to make your soul rejuvenated. Residing amidst a soothing natural environment, the tree houses near Wayanad is the perfect spot to spend some quality family time or a romantic evening (The authorities have also taken strong safety measures).

Madhya Pradesh (Bandhavgarh): The area of Bandhavgarh is one place in Madhya Pradesh which fortunately has it all, whether it is astonishing fort, nearby tiger reserve or affordable tree houses. It is considered that the best way to enjoy the thick natural forest in Bandhavgarh is by living in a tree house here. Needless to say, the region has a few tree house services as well. The tree houses established here have been exceptionally carved so that the tourists residing in it could enjoy the scenic surrounding view to the fullest. The tree house services in Bandhavgarh also offer a quick forest trip.

Karnataka (Dandeli): Offering a blissful view from a decent height, the tree house services in Dandeli, Karnataka are one of a kind. Residing in the middle of a dense forest with mesmerizing sound of the river in the background, the tree houses in this region are sure to make its visitors stunned with the adorable experience it has to offer. (The Masinagudi region in Tamil Nadu also has quite a few tree houses in its kitty)

With the tree houses step aside from the routine accommodation and cherish an environment friendly stay.

Contributed by Pankaj Kumar