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When The Valley Calls

In the downhill borders between Andhra Pradesh and Orissa lies this unperturbed stunning little hill town named Araku. Not knowing about it may not come as a surprise to many, thankfully because it hasn’t been as commercialized as many other such former beautiful places.The Araku Valley has an elevation of approximately 2,829 feet. Now I see you ask why Araku happens to be such a hot spot for tourism. A rich spectrum of biodiversity nestled in its lap should be reason enough according to me.
While taking a stroll down this practically breathtaking place you may bump into stretches of fresh coffee plantations and glide your way through the “Araku Emerald” type of it.

Due to Araku’s rising popularity in tourism it has been well connected by the Indian railway system. It has two railway stations at Araku and Araky Valley on the Kothavalasa-Kirandul railway line of Vizag.Being a valley region you can expect Araku to be a visual delicacy of sorts. A drive to the Ananthagiri Hills through the coffee plantations can be an absolute joy ride of sorts. With the panorama unfurling like a dove’s wings on the Ananthagiri Hills, this destination should top your list when in Araku.

During your early morning walks you might want to make a trip to the Damuku View Point which provides the best visual perspective for every budding photographer. This shot is definitely going to be worth every frame. The Padmapuram Botanical gardens are a different sight preserving the natural fervor of Araku’s beauty. One must definitely make a visit to the Government Silk farms and Mulberry gardens which portray the organic and artistic wonders of the region.

The indigenous masses of any place are the ones who can claim to truly “know” the place as they are aware of the nitty-gritty’s of the land they inhabit. And what better way to experience that than to visit a museum which preserves everything that is indigenous and smell of the fresh earth. The Araku Tribal Museum is where one should head to experience just that.

The APTDC Haritha Mayuri Resort is a comfortable lodging option with Rs. 750 per night charges per room. Food can never be an issue when you travel down to this lovely place of hills down south. You’re in for the best palate delights, I guarantee you. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set off for a slice of paradise this holiday!

Cost Breakup:

Travel by train – Rs. 1,000 approx. (one way)
Hotel stay cost – Rs. 750 approx. (per day/room)
Food and travel cost – Rs. 750 approx. (per day)

Total Cost: Rs. 2,500

Contributed by Arshia Dhar

It’s been a while since I have analyzed myself, and having been brought to the noose for that I’d rather pen something nice about me, than jeopardizing all my prospects as a travel-writer. I am Arshia Dhar, hailing from my city of joy – Kolkata. Aged twenty in the supposed last year on the Mayan calendar, I think I have grown up into being a bunch of contradictions more than any other thing. A practical idealist by nature, I swear by music to the point of obsession. The want to learn by exploiting and exploring all the five senses I have been endowed with has literally pushed me into my perpetual need to read and travel, since a very tender age. A cinema enthusiast, active debater, and writer by passion – opting for a Bachelor in English was almost preordained. In the quest for inner-peace, I hope the end of the tunnel is enlightened by the words I write.